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SAPP is not perfect but is the best!!!
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«RAS»K®yp 10th Jul 2014

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The other days i was frustrated by the players who real rape i our servers so i searched by net to see if they can cheat in SAPP server with aimbot turned on.One of these players had a f...... k/d ratio like 70/2 ,can you belive that ,that in a sniper server with a ping above 80,where the media of the kills where 16-17 kills for every player and the nr of deaths like 10 for every player.So why this guy made it so well ,my conclusion is that he somehow he cheat-his answear was that the server has an anticheat option and if he cheat the server will cought him!He was right but for a half of the way!Searching the web i found this post made by  Sehe(the author of SAPP) on the ®EALWORLD FORUM regarding the posibility of cheating on SAPP servers:

"To explain how the server side aimbot detection system works (more or less):

It watches the camera movement of every player. It checks how much degrees it changed since the last frame, and how close it is to other player's head, taking account the distance between the local player and the "targeted" one. If the movement is too suspicious, the player gets scores based on these values. Note, that for example snapping 6° to someone who is 1m from you means nothing and you get no score, while snapping 6° to someone who is 1000m from you will earn a huge amount of score. Also, you only get score, if the camera stopped moving on the target, you wont get score if you just pull your camera very fast in the front of someone's head.

There are also other three other thing that each duplicates the score you get.

  1. If you snap right after a kill.
  2. If you snap to some1 who's behind an object/wall relatively to you.
  3. If you snap to the player that Sapp expected you will, since every frame it selects the expected player, that the aimbots would choose if you pressed shift right then.

Also, there is a minimum score limit than Sapp doesn't lets you set lower.

Since nowadays almost every player has dynamic IP and CD-Key, the recommendation is to set 1 day IP-ban, more is pointless since they will probably get new IP any way.

In conclusion, many real pro players tested it so far, but never heard anyone complaining that he got banned. Taking account that sonny has 33 in cake (I guess), it's very unlikely that it was a false positive.

In the other hand, there are so many other cheats like smooth aimbots or hundreds of different kind of wallhacks that can't be caught from server side, that if you want to play fair games, just play with anticheat. 

Conclusion-SAPP can be tricked,but still remain the best solution for server to monitor and cought the cheaters!

So lets play Halo with Anticheat people!!! 

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