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Goodbye bro's!!!
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«RAS»K®yp 21st Oct 2014

Joined: 6th May 2014
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  I say goodbye because i am leaveing my country with on goal in my mind :better life!My way go forward and closer to United Kingdom where i hope to begin another life !
  I will never forget the journey that i had in these years ,when i founded this amaizing  community and how i maneged to get closer players (in the end friends)to this community!We had good members ,bad members ,some of them quit .....but the real friends stayed together and beside me!
  From the day one of this clan ,that was in 2012 ,i chosed very carefull every member of this community and those who fallowed me from our old clan MSA ,was very helpfull in keeping the essence of this clan -No Multiclan!They understud RAS way of thinking ,that you cant fight for many clans and say that you are part of one of them,is not fair for others first and is not fair for you too!
   I hope this way of thinking will be and will keep the same for the years that will come!
   I cant take my pc with me ,so  for a while i will be away from keyboard and away from halo and all the friends i have in there but dont forget :I allways will keep an eye on what happend in the clan roster,here on the site or on facebook,so dont forget me and keep this clan alive ,fight for it and make it count in the games world!

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Micky Raven 24th Oct 2014

Joined: 10th May 2014
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I wish you all the luck in the world brother Kryp.
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