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Gamer 5th Jul 2014

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HEllo my name Mohamed and am from morocco and i joined RAS recently
Xfire :smartgamer43
I have a problems and i would like to make it disapear two days ago i got banned while i was playing in RAS Sniper by emil , Since then i have contacted the teamspeaker server for ras and tried to get explination .
the server has an bot detecter so i cannot cheat and i have never hack or done enything illegal .
To be honest i dont miss a lot my shots are almost perfect  i am using Logitech G500s with 400 as Dpi
While asking emil to unban me he told me he does not know what i was using . he thinks am walling or botting
i would like to get unbanned .
the name i was using while playing was Hi
please before someone call anyone hacking or cheating tell him to get prof or learn to play .
i only went thought all this trouble because i like RAS snipers
THose are my Videos you be the judge if someone lIke me even needs to cheat ... /626ef9/
or ... /6283d0/
And thx For your time  xD
«RAS»K®yp 5th Jul 2014

Joined: 6th May 2014
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Ok ,mister Gamer!lets see u were banned just for playing very good,right?!After i saw your vids i could say that you are a legit player and i will unban you ,that if the other admin of the server didnt do it yet!
Regarding your adherence to RAS Clan ,i supose you read our base rules,one of them it say clearly :NO MULTICLAN ! That's way i have to get an replay from you,you want to be just RAS or you want to keep your other clans?!If you keep your clans you cant make part of RAS,for that i am sorry,we can still be friends and you can still enjoy RAS servers and website!

........All the best from   «RAS»K®yp,leader of Real Assassins Squad !

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