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Halo Sapp Server,hosting&administration!
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«RAS»K®yp 29th May 2015

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What do we need for hosting and administration of a Halo Combat Evolved or Halo Custom Edition!?
First of all we need the gamefiles from HaloMaps,the game server management application from home)and after we setup the server like on SAPP Setup page we need a dedicated host server where our server will be on nonstop.There are many websites that are providing hosts for different games with different specs running on different operating sistem like Windows Server or Linux(with many variants like Ubuntu ,Centos,Fedora....etc).They can provide in your host package a control panel for administration of the host or not,so in case that you are not provided a control panel for easy acces you will need extra software like Putty. Putty is a free SSH&TELNET client that can make secure connections over the internet!Ok now that we have made our secure connection with the host server we need a software that we will use for accesing the host remotely and manage it from where ever we are !This software is called VNC  and allow us to use the host and create and interface almost like our windows desktop!After we have the control of our host we need a files  manager like WINSCPfor uploading the Halo files on the host.If we host our server on a Linux OS based server we will another software to emulate the windows programs for linux.This program is called WINEand can be installed from your OS Software Center or manually via ppa repository(command lines)!After you have all these you are good to go!

SAPP       ----> DOWNLOAD
VNC         ----> DOWNLOAD
WINE       ----> DOWNLOAD

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